Asteroid mining – a revolutionary field


The population is growing rapidly and scientists are looking for ways to eliminate scarcity. The interesting part is that their research might expand beyond the Earth borders since we have a goldmine out there in the Universe, waiting for us to take advantage of.

You are probably aware of the fact that we are not alone in this big oasis called Cosmos. As Earth orbits around the Sun, a couple of thousand of asteroids pass by. Known as Near Earth Objects or NEO, they are a potential treasure because of the resources contained within them. Therefore, some groups of entrepreneurs are tempted to consider the alternative of asteroid mining, a process that mind boosts the economy and make some people quite rich.

If you’re a tad skeptical about this type of activity, you should know you’re not the only one. Because the outer space is so unfamiliar and so far away, people can’t believe that asteroids are the future oil fields of space.



When I first heard of this concept I wasn’t sure about their efforts of trying to get water and other types of resources from these asteroids. I mean, we have everything we need here on Earth. Apparently, I misjudged the situation because trying to get 1 gallon of water to the International Space Station costs more than 20,000$. Therefore, it’s understandable why we need to get the resources straight from the area we intend to make colonies for the human beings.

Basically, the asteroid mining process consists of repeating the world history, only in a completely new environment. Due to the natural resources, people were able to expand their frontiers and conquer new territories. For instance, when Europeans first came to North America and settled, the only way they could have survived was because of the reserves found in this land. By doing so, they created one of the most powerful economies in the world.

There’s one obstacle, though. According to the law, no country can own the moon, asteroids or any parts related to space, no matter how many flags astronauts put there. However, certain companies have come up with strategies that include sending small satellites into space that can prospect that area for ice and minerals.



Even though we have plenty of nickel and iron, trying to send them into space it’s too pricey. If we use asteroid mining, these metals can be processed directly while in orbit and used for several purposes, such as building special equipment or spacecrafts. From there on, we could even extract valuable minerals found in the aforementioned asteroids at a lower cost.  This way, it might be worth it trying to bring them back to Earth and support the economies with the assets located in the outer space.