Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur Map - All Unique Creature Locations (2024)

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Fjordur is the newest DLC expansion map for Ark: Survival Evolved and it features several new unique creatures.

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New unique creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved have recently launched as part of a brand new expansion map called Fjordur. This map is free for all systems and players, including those playing on Mac and Linux. There are three realms in Fjordur, all of them based on Norse mythology. Players can access these realms via portals in different areas. One portal takes players to Asgard, one to Jotunhiem, and the other to Vanaheim. Inside each of these areas are various landscapes, resources, and other structures to explore. In addition to the realms, there are four main islands where players will do most of their exploring. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of these islands is the brand new unique creatures that players can encounter.

These new unique creatures are exclusive to the Fjordur DLC map, so players won't have encountered any of them before while playing ARK: Survival Evolved. In total, there are five new creatures, so players have some work to do if they want to see and tame them all.

All unique creatures in Fjordur

We'll be going over where to find all five of the new unique creatures located on the Fjordur map in ARK: Survival Evolved. Every single new species of dinosaur is different, so players will need to adapt their approach and taming abilities with every encounter. In addition to going over its location, we'll also offer some tips on taming each of the creatures and what they can do for you in Fjordur.


The first new creature is the Andrewsarchus. This dinosaur resembles a wolf but is much larger in stature. Unlike a wolf, it doesn't have the fastest movement, so players won't have much trouble outrunning it if they need to. This is a positive thing, as the Andrewsarchus will attack players on sight no matter what they're doing.

As long as the creature sees you, it will start running to attack. To tame the Andrewsarchus, players need to approach it without making a single sound. Once players are close enough, they need to throw some Honey near it. As the dino is munching down on the treat, players can jump on its back and then follow the arrow prompts that will appear on the screen. Once the Andrewsarchus is tamed, players can then evolve it to be faster and even make it mount a turret.

In order to find Andrewsarchus, players need to visit these coordinates on the Fjordur map: 41.0 – 82.0, 25.0 – 71.0. These coordinates will bring players to the Broken Meadows on the island of Vannaland.

Aberrant Megalania

Unlike the regular Megalania in ARK: Survival Evolved, the Aberrant version is much harder to tame. This lizard dinosaur is deadly if players are caught off-guard. It can move at a relatively fast pace and will attack players pretty much the moment it lays eyes on them. To tame the Aberrant Megalania, players can follow the same process as they would with the standard version of the Megalania. On the Fjordur map, this involves going into the Hidden Grotto on the island of Vannaland and using the harpoon with a stretched net. The Aberrant Megalania will likely be on the ceiling of the Hidden Grotto, so look up and search for one. Once players find one, they can shoot the harpoon to attempt to capture it. If players succeed, they can feed the dino kibble to tame them.

To find the Aberrant Megalania, the Hidden Grotto at coordinates: 35.0 - 31.0 is players' only option. This is found on the southeastern side of Vannaland, just below the Snaerheimr Mountains.


Perhaps the most terrifying of the new unique creatures of Fjordur, the Desmodus is next up on the list. This enormous bat is aggressive by nature and can be quite hard to predict when players are trying to tame it. In order to tame the bat, players need to stockpile as many blood packs as they can carry. Add at least 10 blood packs to your hotbar and then approach the Desmodus. Let the bat take you in its claws and allow it to consume all of the blood packs you added to your hotbar. With enough luck, you'll have tamed the Desmodus. You'll know if you didn't if the bat simply drops you to the ground instead of continuing to fly with you. If you're dropped, then simply repeat the process again.

To find the Desmodus in Fjordur, you'll need to reach Balheimr Island in the southeast part of the map. Here, head to these coordinates: 90.0 - 78.0, which brings you to the Balheimr Trench in the center part of the island. Here, the Desmodus is likely sitting inside of its large nest.


The Fjordhawk isn't the most formidable creature in Fjordur but it's arguably the most valuable. After players have tamed the hawk, they can use it to retrieve their lost items following a death. This can be a huge time-saver if players die during a PvE encounter but also if they die as a result of a PvP fight. Players can tame the Fjordhawk by killing a creature near them and letting the hawk eat it. The more of the creature that the Fjordhawk eats, the more it will be tamed. While the Fjordhawk won't attack players at first glance, players still want to be sneaky in their approach when trying to tame it.

To find the Fjordhawk, players can visit the Snaerheimr Mountains on Vannaland. Here, they can go to the following coordinates: 15.0 - 24.0, which will bring them in-between the two mountain ranges in the northwestern section of the map.


The Fenrir can be considered the final boss of the unique creatures on the map of Fjordur. This is not only because the Fenrir is fierce and one of the most intimidating creatures on the map, but also due to the fact that players will need to defeat six mini-bosses in order to tame the beast. Once this is done, players need to bring all of the mini-bosses heads to the runestones on the map, which will trigger the Fenrisúlfr boss fight. After players have conquered this boss fight, Fenrisúlfr will leave behind a cryopod that contains Fenrir. This version of Fenrir is essentially already tamed and can be summoned whenever players wish.

The six mini-bosses that players need to defeat can be found at the following coordinates:

  • Asgard Hati & Skol: 20.5 - 37.1
  • Broodmother Lysrix: 57.3 - 65.6
  • Dragon: 86.2 - 05.1
  • Fjordur Beyla: 04.6 - 47.2
  • Jotunheim Steinbjorn: 77.7 - 30.8
  • Megapithecus: 56.6 - 84.6

Players will basically find all of the mini-bosses on the various islands and regions that make up Fjordur. Each one presents a new challenge, so players will need to adapt their strategy for all six fights. However, the end result is worth it, as Fenrir is a highly-capable creature that can save players from more than one sticky situation in ARK: Survival Evolved. If you're new to the game, don't miss our Ark: Survival Evolved tips for beginners.

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Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur Map - All Unique Creature Locations (2024)
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