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The short answer is that scratch-off lottery tickets do not have expiration dates. Once a scratch-off ticket is printed and distributed for sale, it remains valid for redemption until all of the top prizes have been claimed. So as long as you have an unscratched ticket, even a very old one, it should still be redeemable if you have a winning combination.

Scratch-offs remain valid until all top prizes are claimed

When state lotteries launch a new scratch-off game, they print a fixed number of tickets with a predetermined number of top prizes available to be won. The tickets continue circulating and being played until all of those top prizes have been claimed by lucky winners. Even once all the top prizes are gone, there will still be lower tier prizes available. The lottery will announce when a scratch-off game is closed because all top prizes have been claimed.

So scratch-off tickets are not given expiration dates like food items or other consumer products. The validity period is variable – it lasts until the game ends. This timeframe when tickets remain valid can range from a few months up to a few years depending on the popularity of the scratch-off game.

State lotteries want to keep scratch-off games going as long as there is player interest. If tickets expired after a certain date, it would limit the potential sales period and force games to close prematurely even if there were top prizes still to be won. By letting scratch-off tickets remain valid indefinitely, lotteries can maximize ticket sales until the last possible top prize is claimed.

How to check if a scratch-off game is still valid

Because scratch-off tickets themselves do not have printed expiration dates, you need to check with your state lottery to see if a particular scratch-off game is still valid. Most lotteries list current and past scratch-off games on their websites and indicate if a game has closed. You can search or browse to find the game your ticket is from and see its status.

Things to look for:

  • Game start and end dates – This will tell you the timeframe when tickets were sold.
  • “Game Over” or “All Top Prizes Claimed” designations – These indicate a game has closed.
  • Game not listed at all – If you cannot find any information about the game, it was likely a very old or seasonal game that has long since closed.

If you have a ticket for a game that the lottery says is closed, that means all top prizes have been won and no more tickets will be accepted. You can still claim lower tier prizes though.

One thing to keep in mind is that state lotteries periodically end older or unpopular scratch games even if there are still unclaimed top prizes left. They do this simply to reduce the number of active games they have to administer. So you may find that a game closed prematurely. In that case, your ticket would no longer be redeemable even if it never reached the original advertised end date when all top prizes were supposed to be awarded.

Check prize claim deadlines for scratch-offs

While scratch-off tickets themselves do not expire, most states do impose prize claim deadlines on winning tickets. This is the period when you must submit your winning ticket to collect your prize money.

Typical prize claim deadlines range from 90 days up to one year from the date of the drawing or in the case of scratch tickets, from the announced game end date. Some states may also allow you to request an extension of the deadline if you have a valid reason for missing it.

So before trying to cash in a very old winning scratch-off, check your state lottery’s prize claim policy. If the deadline has passed, your ticket may no longer be redeemable. Act fast once you realize you have a winner from an old or closed game so you don’t miss out on claiming your prize.

Tips for determining if your old scratch-offs can still win

For casual and infrequent players who may have old scratch-off tickets laying around, how do you know if they are worth digging up and checking? Here are some tips for figuring out if your old tickets still have potential without having to go through the effort of scratching them:

  • Look for game information – Older scratch-offs should list basic game details like name, price, number of top prizes, overall odds of winning, and sponsored charity. With this information you can research the specific game.
  • Buy date – In some states, the ticket printing date or “buy by” date is included. Compare it to prize claim deadlines to see if it is still valid.
  • Game themes – Games with themes tied to past events like movies or anniversaries are likely expired. For example, scratch-offs with 20th anniversary designs wouldn’t still be valid decades later.
  • Retail location – If you bought the ticket at a store that has since closed, it is obviously quite old and likely past its claim date.
  • Ticket style – Dramatically different ticket size, design, fonts, layouts compared to current games indicates an old and likely expired game.

Using these clues can often determine if your old tickets are too old to bother with. Focus your scratching efforts on relatively newer looking tickets.

Be aware of potential issues redeeming very old winning tickets

If you do have a winning scratch-off ticket that is still within the claim deadline, but is from a very old or closed game, be prepared that there may be challenges to actually redeeming your prize:

  • The lottery may need to research archived records to verify the ticket and game details which can delay payout.
  • Older games were phased out of lottery computer systems and may no longer be recognized by scanners. You may have to mail in your ticket versus redeeming at a retailer.
  • There is higher chance of potential fraud with very old tickets. You may need to provide ID verification and additional paperwork.
  • If you claimed a top tier prize after the game officially closed, you may be awarded a lower consolation prize instead.

While you are still entitled to your actual prize amount within the claim deadline, be prepared for extra procedures if trying to redeem decades old scratch-off tickets.

Advice for lottery retailers on handling old tickets

For lottery retailers who deal with customers trying to redeem very old scratch-off tickets, here are some best practices:

  • Post signs or notices that you will not redeem expired games or tickets past the claim deadline.
  • Advise customers to check directly with the lottery if a game or ticket is still valid before bringing to the retailer.
  • If customer insists on trying to redeem an old ticket, verify the game details carefully in the lottery system before processing.
  • Damaged or altered old tickets should not be accepted because fraud potential is greater.
  • If ticket does scan and verify, proceed with redemption but advise customers of potential delays in receiving prize funds.
  • Record customer details and retain copies of old tickets for records in case of future questions or lottery reviews.

Following procedures and having clear policies will protect retailers from potential losses when customers do occasionally present very old scratch-off tickets. Direct them to confirm validity first before attempting to claim prizes in-store.

Storing lottery tickets properly helps preserve them

To avoid damage that can prevent old tickets from being redeemed, players should always store unused scratch-off tickets very carefully:

  • Keep tickets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources which can cause fading.
  • Avoid keeping tickets in your wallet or car where they are more likely to get bent, scratched or demagnetized.
  • Place tickets flat in an envelope or sealed container to minimize handling that can wear them down.
  • Do not fold or crease tickets to help prevent tears or splits.

Scratching off tickets tends to break down the latex coating so for longer term storage, leave winning tickets unscratched until ready to claim. Storing tickets properly gives you the best chance of still being able to redeem old tickets that remain valid.

Options if you have a winning ticket that is no longer redeemable

If you uncover an old scratch-off ticket that has a winning combination but is past the claim deadline or no longer valid, you unfortunately cannot redeem it directly with the lottery. However, the ticket itself may still have value for collectors:

  • Sell to lottery memorabilia collectors – Winning tickets from significant games like record jackpots can fetch good prices from enthusiasts.
  • Auction through specialty lottery sites – Numerous websites focused on buying/selling lottery tickets can help you find buyers.
  • Donate to lottery museums – Some museums document lottery history and accept ticket donations as tax write-offs.

While you won’t get the face value prize, an old unredeemed winning ticket still represents a unique piece of lottery history to the right collector. You can recoup some value this route versus letting an expired ticket go to waste.

Key takeaways on determining if scratchers are expired

To recap the key points on evaluating if your scratch-off tickets are still valid and redeemable:

  • Scratch-offs do not have expiration dates, but remain valid until the game ends when all top prizes have been claimed.
  • Confirm the current status and closing date of your scratch-off game with your state lottery.
  • Make sure you meet the prize claim deadline which does expire a certain number of days after the game closes.
  • Very old winning tickets can still be redeemed but may face additional validation procedures.
  • Store unused tickets properly to prevent damage over many years.
  • Expired winning tickets may hold collectible value to lottery ticket enthusiasts.

Check your old scratchers against these criteria to see if you may still have a prize waiting to be uncovered. With proper storage, some lottery tickets truly can stand the test of time and ultimately become winners.

How do you tell if a scratch-off ticket is expired? - The Lottery Hub (2024)
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