[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (2024)

Thralls are the NPCs in Conan Exiles that you can brain over the head with a truncheon and drag back to your base to use as your personal unpaid workforce! They have a myriad of wonderful benefits, such as increasing your crafting speed, unlocking those special recipes you couldn’t otherwise craft, and adding durability or armor penetration or other specific attributes to whatever you craft.

When it comes to Fighting Thralls, the most recent update with Age of War has changed the starting health of every Thrall as well as how Fighting Thralls level up. Now it’s mainly a focus of getting your Fighting Thrall to have the highest health possible to make it the best. The newest Age of War update also allows you to erase and redo whatever perks they naturally have when you catch them until they match your playstyle perfectly!

Then there is my favorite, the Crafting Thralls, where any named Thralls are Tier Four and come with similar crafting recipe unlocks, as well as specific specialties that will have you swapping them out depending on your crafting goals. Then there is always the occasional recipe only one particular Named Crafting Thrall can craft.

Personally, whenever I play this game, I focus on making my crafting as efficient as possible so I can craft the best possible gear and weapons! So most of the Thralls listed here will be for crafting bonuses.

1. Amzadi the Wanderer, Bearer Thrall

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Don't let Amzadi's (Seen Above), slender form fool you, she can carry more than you can!

If you’re like me, you’ll want someone who can shoulder your burdens and enable your deepest hoarding habits on your adventure! If so, Amzadi the Wanderer can help you out! The nice thing about Bearer Thralls is they are all very similar, no matter where you find them or what their name is and you can tell they’re something special if their health bar has that nice golden outline around it!

Get Amzadi the Wanderer If You Want:

  • A Thrall with High Health from the get go
  • A Thrall able to carry a lot of heavy things, with no penalty for the heaviest ones and the ability to stack things high
  • Depending on how you level her, she can fight with you!

Amzadi the Wanderer’s details:

  • Health 4,037
  • Vitality 15
  • Melee Multiplier 0.5
  • Ranged Multiplier 0.5

How To Get Amzadi the Wanderer:

You can find this Thrall, wherever Bearer Thralls Spawn! She is from the Heirs of the North Faction so you may have better luck looking around their camps.

2. Lianeele, Entertainer Thrall

[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (2)

Laineele (Seen Above), is beautiful and lethal at the same time!

Sometimes, having someone able to drag around all your stuff isn’t enough though. Another one of my favorite types of Thrall to take on adventures is an Entertainment Thrall, or as they’re more commonly called, a dancer.

Entertainer Thralls are great for removing corruption and helping you heal quicker! It just makes sense then, with such an important ability, that they’d be invaluable as a companion! The nice thing about Entertainer Thralls is it doesn’t matter what Tier they are, they all will heal and remove corruption the same! Although if you see any with a name, snatch those up first! Laineele is the perfect example of a great Entertainer Thrall!

Get Laineele If You Want:

  • A Dancer to help you heal and remove corruption
  • Relatively decent health!
  • Versatility in Leveling up your choice of Melee Damage or Ranged Damage

Laineele details:

  • Health 2,549
  • Strength 15
  • Vitality 30
  • Melee Multiplier 1.6
  • Ranged Multiplier 1.6

How To Get Laineele:

You can find Laineele at the Stargazer’s Crest or the Mounds of the Dead or even in various Purges if you’re lucky!

3. Auru Alchemist Thrall

[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (3)

Who couldn't love a face like Auru's(Shown Above)?Add the knowledge of how to do alchemy into the mix and this Thrall is a great one to enslave!

A lot of Crafting Thralls aren’t just useful for one crafting bench and while Alchemist Thralls are necessary to do the more complicated alchemy recipes easily, they’re also versatile enough to help out on other benches! The Alchemist Auru is no exception to this and that’s why he’s one of the best, although any Tier Four, Named Alchemist Thrall can help you out similarly.

Health and other Stats aren’t as important when it comes to Crafting Thralls, not like with the ones that you can take fighting with you. With Crafting Thralls it's all about what they can do to make your life easier.

Get the Alchemist Auru If You Want:

  • Extra Recipes for the Demon-Fire Orb, Gaseous Orb, and the Grease Orb and the ability to fill empty glass flasks with water
  • Alternate Recipe for Oil and Tar and the ability to make Spice
  • Extra Recipes at the Fermentation Barrel; Bitter Tea, Frenzywine, Honey Whiskey, Pirate Rotgut and Stygian Liquor
  • Black Dye and White Dye at the Dyer’s Bench
  • 100% Crafting Speed Bonus

The Alchemist Auru details:

  • Health 570
  • Armor 564
  • Damage Reduction From Armor -52%
  • Kill XP 1,037

How To Get the Alchemist Auru:

The Alchemist Auru can be found wherever Alchemist Thralls Spawn. They spawn in as a male and they belong to the Relic Hunters Faction. So any Relic Hunter Camps could have them.

4. Ak'It the Armorer Thrall

[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (4)

Don't worry, just because Ak'It (Seen Above) shows up wearing this kind of armor, it doesn't mean you can't give him better armor to show off his skills once he's helped you craft it!

There are three special flavors of Armorer Thralls and It’s always a great idea to have one of each different type, depending on what you want to craft and what you want to focus on improving most!

The three Specialties are as follows: Scoutwrights provide the best reduction of the weight on an armor piece, Shieldwrights give the best armor value and Temperwrights give increased durability to what you make as well as access to the Legendary Armor Patch Kit in the Tinker’s Bench.

The first Armorer I always go for though is Ak’It the Armorer, he is a Temperwright! I like to get my hands on that Legendary Armor Patch Kit and the Grandmaster Armor Repair as well!

Get Ak’It the Armorer If You Want:

  • The ability to turn four hide and one twine into thick hide, or convert two gossamer into one silk in the Tanner’s Table
  • The Legendary Armor Patch Kit
  • All the extra recipes of the Leather Apron, Leather Work Gloves, Zamorian Dancer, Black Hand Trousers, Black Hand Vest, Derketo Dancer and Stygian Armor sets, as well as the Darfari Speaker Mask
  • Redeemed Legion Armor Set
  • Grandmaster Armor Repair

Ak’It the Armorer details:

  • Health 570
  • Armor 564
  • Damage Reduction From Armor -52%
  • Kill XP 1,037

How To Get Ak’It the Armorer:

Ak’It has a chance to spawn wherever named Armorer Thralls spawn! He’s from the Relic Hunter’s Faction so looking around their various camps could wind up with you seeing his name.

5. Amara, Tanner Thrall

[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (5)

Amara (Seen Above), enjoys long walks on the beach and curing hides!

In my search for improving my quality of life, Amara helps out by giving me all I could possibly need when I put her on a Tanner’s Crafting Bench! The nice thing about Tanner Thralls is that no matter what Named Tanner Thrall you find they all give you the same recipes! So tracking down a great one is an easy thing to do even if you can’t find Amara yourself.

Get Amara If You Want:

  • 100% Crafting Speed Bonus
  • Two Extra Recipes, the ability to turn ten fat grubs into one silk and two gossamer into one silk

Amara’s details:

  • Health 570
  • Armor 564
  • Damage Reduction From Armor -52%
  • Kill XP 1,037

How To Get Amara:

Amara can be found wherever Named Tanner Thralls spawn! She’s from the Votaries of Skelos Faction but I’ve seen her name pop up just about everywhere.

6. Amni Bark-Skin, Carpenter Thrall

[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (6)

Amni Bark-Skin, (Seen Above), lives up to his name with his skill set!

In the process of making my life easier and crafting more of a breeze, the next Thrall I’ll track down is a good Carpenter Thrall, which is where Amni Bark-Skin comes in! The important thing to remember is that there are three specialties of Carpenters, depending on what you want to do. It’s a good idea to nab all three if you can.

Builder Carpenters give you the maximum durability you can have on any crafted weapon. While Bowmaker Carpenters can give you the maximum damage and Fletcher Carpenters can give you maximum armor penetration!

I prefer improving the armor penetration on the weapons I make so I typically hunt down Amni Bark-Skin first! He’s a Fletcher Carpenter.

Get Amni Bark-Skin If You Want:

  • Maximum Armor Penetration on any crafted weapon!
  • The ability to turn Wood into Branches and Branches back into Wood
  • 30.5% Durability Bonus to Crafted Weapons
  • -12.5% Weight Decrease to Crafted Weapons

Amni Bark-Skin details:

  • Health 570
  • Armor 564
  • Damage Reduction From Armor -52%
  • Kill XP 1,037

How To Get Amni Bark Skin:

Anywhere Named Carpenter Thralls spawn in, he has a chance to show up. He’s from the Relic Hunters Faction so you can snoop around their camps to see if you get lucky!

7. The Lone Fisherman, Cooking Thrall

[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (7)

If only someone like you could come around and make The Lone Fisherman, (Seen Above), not so lonely!

Cooking is a great way to buff your stats and resist the harsher temperatures and weathers in the dangerous land of Conan Exiles. And unlike the other professions of Thralls, this profession has a guaranteed ‘best Thrall’. The Lone Fisherman, whether they spawn as a guy or a girl, is the only Cooking Thrall that can unlock and craft the Spicy Dried Fish Combo as well as all the other cooking recipes that Tier Four Named Cooking Thralls can make!

Get the Lone Fisherman If You Want:

  • The ability to craft the Spicy Dried Fish Combo, as well as Bone Broth, Egg Surprise, Honey Glazed Roast, Ice Tea, Honey Jerky, Honeyed Gruel, Honey Bread, Honeyed Eggs, Mystery Meat Soup
  • +138% Crafting Speed Bonus
  • Extra Recipes at the Fermentation Barrel of; Bitter Tea, Frenzywine, Honey Whiskey, Pirate Rotgut, Stygian Liquor

The Lone Fisherman details:

  • Health 480
  • Armor 564
  • Damage Reduction From Armor -52%
  • Kill XP 875

How To Get the Lone Fisherman:

The Lone Fisherman shows up in Sepermeru, Waterside, on an island in the middle of a small lake, in front of a campfire and a tent. There’s a 20% chance or higher for them to spawn and they could be male or female!

8. Larathiel of Asura, Smelter Thrall

[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (8)

Larathiel, (Seen Above), isn't fooling around. She's been busy while you've been learning how to survive! Now you can put all your hard earned knowledge into taking what she's acquired for yourself! And then you can take her too!

Sometimes, it's not enough to simply catch a good Thrall for your Crafting Benches. It can be better to hunt that Thrall repeatedly, getting as much loot as possible off of them because not only are they a Tier Four, Named Smelter, but they drop unique things no other Thrall does!

Which is one of the reasons Larathiel is one of my favorite Smelter Thrall’s to hunt down, repeatedly!

Get Larathiel of Asura If You Want:

  • She drops Asura’s Armor if you kill her instead of capturing her! This armor gives you 90 base armor, concussive damage +20%, Health +80, Follower Damage +16% and Agility Weapon Damage +6%
  • A smorgasbord of amazing bows! There are too many to list! If you’re hunting for a good legendary bow to use, killing this Thrall over and over for the chance to have her drop it as loot is the way to go! After you catch her at least once of course
  • +150% Crafting Speed Bonus

Larathiel of Asura details:

  • Health 75
  • Armor 57
  • Damage Reduction From Armor -10%
  • Kill XP 87

How To Get Larathiel of Asura:

You can stumble across this loaded Thrall in the Sinner’s Refuge! Good hunting!

9. Ap’Shara the Summoner, Sorcerer Thrall

[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (9)

The best way to practice dark rituals is with a Sorcerer Thrall of some sort. Ap'Shara the Summoner, (Seen Above), is one such Thrall and if you want to get into magic he's someone who can teach you the ways of it.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to dip your toes into the Sorcery System in Conan Exiles. Even though a new Chapter has started and it's all about the Age of War, that doesn’t mean that all those delicious spells and evil rituals are outdated! And to get your Thaumaturgy Bench functional, you’ll need a Named Sorcerer Thrall! A great one to hunt down is Ap’Shara the Summoner!

Get Ap’Shara the Summoner If You Want:

  • The ability to turn papyrus scrolls, sacrificial blood in a flask and an inking brush into either a sorcerous spell page or a failed sorcerous spell page
  • The ability to take ten failed sorcerous spell pages and turn them into one sorcerous spell page
  • 100% Crafting Speed Bonus

Ap’Shara the Summoner details:

  • Health 480
  • Armor 601
  • Damage Reduction From Armor -54%
  • Kill XP 3,500

How To Get Ap’Shara the Summoner:

You can find Ap’Shara the Summoner at the Temple Quarter, praying at the sacrificial stone. As well as in Westwall, above the two alchemists sitting next to a corpse.

10. Ana The Torturer, Taskmaster Thrall

[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (10)

Ana the Torturer, (Seen Above), might not look all that intimidating, but talk to the Thralls she's broken to get the full story first!

You can’t get all these awesome Named Thralls without hours upon hours upon hours of waiting for them to convert unless you get a good Taskmaster to convert them faster! Which makes our number ten Thrall arguably the most important Named Thrall yet! There are two different kinds of Taskmaster Thralls.

One is a Driver, which adds concussive damage to whatever you craft in the Torturer’s Worktable. And the other is an Overseer who increases the durability of any crafted thing in the Torturer’s Worktable.

I prefer Drivers to Overseers myself!

Get Ana the Torturer If You Want:

  • The ability to craft Chain Bindings
  • 150% Crafting Speed Bonus
  • +30.5% Durability Bonus and -12.5% Weight Decrease

Ana the Torturer details:

  • Health 270
  • Armor 76
  • Damage Reduction From Armor -13%
  • Kill XP 337

How To Get Ana the Torturer:

You can find her in Flotsam and in the Sandspit! She’s from the Black Hand Faction and she always spawns female.

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[Top 10] Conan Exiles Best Thralls (2024)
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