Where To Find All 10 Kappa Statues In Yakuza: Like A Dragon (2024)

Yakuza: Like a Dragon recently released, delighting new and old fans alike as it changed up the usual Yakuza format and instead opted for the RPG genre. As well as introducing players to a new storyline, new characters, a new area, and more, there are also new features to tie-in with the change to a roleplaying game.

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One of the changes is that the various challenges that Yakuza players are normally used to finding in the menu straight away, can only become unlocked when players start the Part-time Hero questline. One of the quests is to locate and photograph 10 Kappa statues hidden throughout Yokohama and the reward is a cool 2 million yen. Check out where you can find all the statues.

10 Sakura River

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The first Kappa statue that players will likely see is just alongside the Sakura River, next to a small boy who is happy to talk tothem about the Kappas hiddenthroughout the city.Players will likely see this statue long before they realize it has any importance, asthey must unlock the Part-time Hero quests to able for the photos of the Kappas to count.

This cute little fella doubles a fountain and has water trickling out of his mouth. It's the perfect photo opportunity with one of these Kappas, as long as the roaming enemies that frequent this area don't interrupt the picture taking that is.

9 Sunrise Street

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This shy Kappa can be found peering out from a closed shop window with a green banner on Sunrise Street, just slightly down the road from where Ichiban and Nanba find their first proper lodgings.

For those who are unaware, the Kappa is a demon/imp, or yokai as they are known, commonly found in Japanese folklore. They are thought to be mischievous, and even malevolent at times, with many believing them to be responsible fordrowning poor people who are lost in rivers.

8 Survive Bar

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Players will find themselves spending a lot of time in Survive Bar, as it becomes the hangout spot for Ichiban and his companions. As well as being able to increase bonds with party members here by talking to them, players can also play the karaoke mini-game, craft items via the barkeep, and even romance the barmaid.

This Kappa can be particularly hard to find, as it's all too easy to not realize there is an upper level to Survive Bar as the stairs are a little hidden. However, once upstairs, players will be able to spot this cheeky kappa hiding in a cupboard.

7 Red Light District

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In the Red Light District, near Romance Street, down one of two alleys and into a lot at the back of some buildings,players will see a green fenced off area to the east. Hidden inside of this fenced off area is the next Kappa statue; though you can't reach it, you can take a picture from where you stand and it will still count.

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Some of the statues that Ichiban can't get up close to, like this particular one, can be especially hard to see when it's night time.

6 Restaurant Row

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This Kappa can only be accessed once players have reached Chapter 6 and have gotten far enough for the story to guide them to this area. In Restaurant Row, on Iijin Street, there are some buildings thatIchiban can get on top of by finding a staircase in a side alley just north of the location on the map.

Players will find a courtyard area with tables and chairs, and just above this area stitting on a balcony is a Kappa looking out from behind a metal fence.

5 f*ckutokucho

Where To Find All 10 Kappa Statues In Yakuza: Like A Dragon (6)

This Kappa is not as easy to get to as you would think from the map image, in fact,players can't access it at all until they have progressed through Chapter 7 enough to reach the area behind these buildings, which until that point in the story has been previously blocked.

Once players are able to, they should revisit this area (the wider alley behind the buildings that the map shows as the location) and go up the stairs. Eventually, players will find themselves on a balcony and they can look across to the next building over and find the next Kappa on his own balcony.

4 West Jinnai Station

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Near West Jinnai Station, players can find the next Kappa hidden rather carefully inside what appears to be an elevator or bridge support. Despite the name, it is not inside the station as such and can be found close to a road instead.

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These Kappas statues stay true to Japanese legend, in that they depict these strange creatures as having flat heads, webbed hands and feet, and a turtle-like shell on its back. However, they are usually green, which obviously the statues cannot depict as they are stone.

3 Chinatown

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Next, players will want to head over to Chinatown, if they haven't done so already, to find their next elusive Kappa statue. This little guy is hidden on a busy shopping street, in a small alcove between buildings that you cannot enter.

Though the map makes it appear as if there is a very narrow alley here, there actually isn't, and it's this small alcove that players need to find. For anyone struggling to spot this Kappa, the easiest thing to do is to keep an eye out for the striking banner that hangs beside his hiding spot.

2 Hamakita Park

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Hamakita Park has a few little trucks and vans that serve as shops, and it is in one of these that players can find the next hidden Kappa statue, quite happily stood beside theNPCvendor for the Hero's Harvest shop.

If players are not far in the story, they should be careful of wandering gangs of enemies on their way into the park, as in this particular area they are of a higher level than the enemies found further south.

1 West Carriage Highway

Where To Find All 10 Kappa Statues In Yakuza: Like A Dragon (10)

The very last Kappa statue can be found on the very tip of the most north-western area of the map, ensuring a stunning view out across the building behind it and another perfect photo opportunity for Ichiban.

Much like the first Kappa statue that most players will spot on the streets of Yokohama, this one is also a water fountain as well as a statue. Once all 10 have been found, players can hand in the quest to any Part-time Hero NPC to collect their cash.


Where To Find All 10 Kappa Statues In Yakuza: Like A Dragon (2024)
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