How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (2024)

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (1)

You can find Yakuza Like A Dragon Kappa Statues around Ijincho as part of the Part-Time Hero questline in Chapter 5. Just like the Yakuza Like a Dragon missing cats task you'll have to speak to Hiro to start things properly, but once you've done that, you'll need to search in all sorts of obvious and obscure places to find the statues. Find all 10, and get photos of them, and you'll bag 2 million yen as a reward in Yakuza Like A Dragon. That’s not bad at all, especially when you realize how much it can cost to upgrade your weapons and armor, and it's not too far into the game. Here are the locations for all 10 of the Yakuza Like A Dragon Kappa Statues.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues locations

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (2)

Above we’ve crossed off where you can find these Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues for yourself, and below we’ll go into detail on just where these pesky statues are hiding.

1. Bar District - Upstairs in the Survive Bar

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (3)

Trust us when we say that this little Kappa Statue is a tricky one to find! The Survive Bar will have already been unlocked before you can partake in this quest, but unless you’ve explored the bar thoroughly, you’ll be shocked to discover that it has an upstairs!

Head upstairs and you’ll get to a single, box room with a half-open wardrobe. Look inside and you’ll see a Kappa Statue staring at you - not creepy at all. Take a picture with your phone and voila! That’s the first Kappa Statue down.

2. Sunrise Street - In an open window near Ichiban’s residence

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (4)

This one is much easier to find. Head out of Ichiban’s residence and turn left, then head on down the street until you find a building with a green, neon sign over the top of it. You can look inside, through the glass, and see the Kappa Statue in there. Take a photo and that’s the second Kappa Statue down.

3. South Sakura River Street - Beside a young boy near the river

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (5)

It is more than likely that you’ll come across this Kappa Statue before you can actually have access to take a picture of it. Right next to the parking lot where you can play the Can Collecting quest, you’ll see a boy hanging around a statue. That statue is a Kappa Statue, but like we explained in the intro, you can only count it once you talk to Hiro in the Part-Time Hero quest line that happens in Chapter 5.

4. Romance Street - Behind a wired fence on the stairs

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (6)

Near the bottom of the east map, just before you hit the unreachable zone, you’ll get the option to turn right down a small side-alley. Do so and you’ll come across a small area with a fenced off section to the left that you’re unable to get to, where you’ll see the Kappa Statue sitting on one of the steps. Get your phone out and grab that photo!

5. Restaurant Row - Chapter 6, On A Roof

This Kappa Statue is unable to be picked up until after you progress through the main story of Chapter 6. You’ll be asked to go and stop Captain Takabe, which leads you to a dead end - apart from the small alcove leading upwards to your right. We’ve included another image to help you visualize where to go.

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (8)

Head up there and turn left. Look up and you’ll see the Kappa Statue on the very top of a flat roof that’s unreachable - but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a photo!

6. f*ckutokucho - Only available after progressing midway through Chapter 7

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (9)

This statue is the most difficult one to get to, because you’ll need to wait at least part way through Chapter 7 to get it. You’ll know exactly where I’m talking about because, as you play throughout the game, you’ll come across an area that the game just keeps pushing you away from. That should tell you there’s something real juicy there.

And there sure is. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait to get it. After progressing throughout the area in Chapter 7, you’ll get the chance to go back without the game telling you to get lost.

Head up the stairs to where you first followed the mysterious Geomijul leader, but instead of turning inside to the right, turn left and you’ll see that across the way there’s a Kappa Statue you’re able to take a picture of.

7. West Jinnai Station - Behind a wall, in a glass elevator

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (10)

This is an incredibly weird Kappa Statue to find, as it’s very easy to get lost around the Jinnai Station. The best way to find it is look for barriers that stop you from going near the road, if these barriers have a square, box-like area nearby, then you’ve found the Kappa Statue in the glass elevator! Take a photo to memorize your befuddling time together.

8. West Carriage Highway - Behind the Baseball Minigame Arena

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (11)

Is it really a Yakuza game if there isn’t a baseball minigame? To find this Kappa Statue, you’ll have to go straight to the very left-hand side of the map, up at the top, just behind the baseball arena. You’ll know that you’re in the right place when you go behind the arena and see a gold safe, with the Kappa Statue not too far behind it to the right.

9. Chinatown - In a dark corner by inaccessible stores

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (12)

Despite the title, this Kappa Statue is more hidden in plain sight than in a shady corner. As you progress throughout Chinatown’s busy streets, you’ll eventually come across a crossroad that gives you the option to continue to go up, go left, or right. The Kappa Statue is just before you get to those crossroads, hidden away in a corner by a few inaccessible stores.

10. Hamakita Park - In a Cafe van

How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (13)

Want some Kappa with your coffee? There are a number of different cafes in vans around the Hamakita Park, with two being directly near the Dragon Kart amusem*nt center. The first, which sells materials that you can use to upgrade your armour and weapons, will have a Kappa Statue right next to the owner.

And that’s it! These are all the Kappa Statues for you to get. Now don’t hold back, go report it to your Part-Time Hero and get the 2 million yen that you deserve.

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How to find all of the Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues (2024)
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